Kill pain & accelerate healing naturally

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”

- Albert Szent-Györgyi (1937 Nobel Prize for Medicine Winner)

Eastern medicine states that the root of most health problems (physical, mental & emotional) can be traced back to energy blockages in our meridian system.

The meridian system is best described as a network of energy lines. Each meridian line is dotted with energy points called ‘acu-points’.

Acu-points are like ‘energy reset buttons’ for blocked energy. These can be stimulated using different therapies:

  • Acupuncture uses needles
  • Acupressure uses finger pressure
  • Moxibustion applies heat
  • Sound therapists apply meridian frequencies
  • Electro-acupuncture applies electricity and needles

Natural Synergy employs a combination of two Acu-therapies: Acupressure and meridian frequencies. Fundamentally the same as electro-acupuncture but without the anxiety and discomfort of electric needles.

It’s a process called Acu-FrequencyTM.

You can expect fantastic results with either of these acu-therapies: acupressure or meridian frequencies by themselves…

But the process is intensified if you have some quiet time for deep relaxation where you can apply both practices together.

And because you can do it by yourself at home, you don’t need to spend countless hours (and thousands of dollars) visiting an acupuncturist.

Natural Synergy applies a simple non-invasive exercise that takes only 3 minutes a day…

Restoring the natural balance within your body, eliminating the root cause of your pain or ailment and maintaining a healthy free-flow of energy.

Why You’ll Love Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy is based on the proven results of Eastern medicine combined with a breakthrough technology of Western naturopathy.

Each healing modality can be used separately with excellent results. But used together, they form a powerful healing synergy that kills strong pain and targets the root cause of hundreds of common ailments.

man healed with natural synergy - Acupressure with Frequency Therapy
Woman enjoying life and freedom

Health Is Life-Energy In Abundance

The human body has 12 major meridian lines that our life-force energy flows through. Unhealthy living causes blockages and stems our flow of energy – which causes the manifestation of pain and disease.

With Natural Synergy, you can learn to promote a healthy circulation within your meridian lines and experience abundant health and vitality, with minimal effort.

Modern day living comes at a price… and that price is your health.

We breathe pollution, we rub and inject chemicals into our body, we eat GMO, chemically processed and unnaturally preserved food, then we bathe ourselves in RF radiation. And when we get sick, we take toxic drugs that cause side-effects… that require more drugs.

More people than ever are starting to realize that good health starts with choosing natural options.

This site is for people who want to make healthy life choices as well as staying informed on the different natural options available to them.

Music professor Anthony Holland
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Inspiration: Shattering Cancer Cells With Sound Frequencies​

Music professor Anthony Holland is usually an orchestra director… but his scientific experiments using sound frequencies quickly led him to a cancer research lab with an important breakthrough.

An astonished scientist once told him: “You’re killing more cancer cells than if you had used radiation therapy”. The same scientist told him: “If you had spent millions of dollars researching a drug that killed this many cancer cells – it would be a home run”.


Elsje, Belgium

I must say that your approach works miracles for me.

Real acupuncture hurts too much, and you offer the perfect solution for home treatment. Here in Belgium the doctors have never even heard about brain waves. 

I suffer from fibromyalgia, spasmophelia and chronic fatigue syndrome, maximum score on the first two.

I built off all opioids and most of my benzodiazepines. And i make medicinal cannabis tea when the spasms build up.

Your program is groundbreaking! Thank you ever so much.


Nora, England

I have used the Natural Synergy app to relieve pain in my knee, relieve discomfort in my teeth and boost my immune system and am convinced that the system works. Sometimes you don’t even need to work on all the points!

Brigitte from Australia, Testimony

Brigitte, Australia

I am super impressed, best purchase and value for money I have made in the field of health as I’m a clinical nutritionist and herbalist. I just wanted to share how happy and delighted I am with the program and the app is simply amazing, so much value here for the money. The book, pictures and guidance in application is so valuable that I’m sharing it with everyone who comes into my clinic.

Once again thank you so much for this wonderful gift.


Karen Whittaker, Colorado, USA

My husband used acupressure in the past for ongoing headaches around six years ago. When I heard about Natural Synergy, I was excited to see what it could do for my chronic arthritis and my constant heartburn.

At the time I started the program I was taking three different medications. Since using the Natural Synergy techniques, I’m proud to say I’m drug-free!

Serena Carrington

Serena Carrington, Vancouver, Canada

I originally bought “Blood Pressure Equalizer” to combat my hypertension. I was so incredibly happy to get off my prescription I went on to purchase Natural Synergy. Since then the whole family uses it. My daughter recently used one of the relaxation techniques on her infant son for a long flight. He kept quiet for the entire flight.


Lori, Phoenix, USA

My back pain was GONE! I am in AWE of this program. I love this program and app! Even when I am not able to do all of the acupressure points because I’m out running around, I will listen to the coinciding meridian sounds specific to my ailment and much to my delight, I find relief! I’m very active and suffered two back injuries years ago that continue to cause me pain on occasion. This pain never goes away in its own and requires a trip to the chiropractor which I don’t always have the time for. I had been suffering the pain for several weeks when I purchased Natural Synergy. While at work the other day, feeling much pain from a workout the previous evening, I decided to listen to the meridian sounds related to back pain. Before I had even finished them all, my back pain was GONE! This truly has never happened! It’s been two days and the pain has not returned! But just for good measure, I listen at least once a day…

I am in AWE of this program. Thank you Natural Synergy!


Tim, Ireland

Thank goodness for Natural Synergy! I had the WORST psoriasis ever! My flaky skin and the red itchy rash were really killing my confidence. Out of sheer desperation, I gave Natural Synergy a try. I’m so happy I did. Words can’t describe how relieved I am to see my skin clear up.

I felt compelled to tell you and sincerely thank you.


Tania, Australia

Thank you for your wonderful gift of healing Emily. I have already in just a few sessions shifted some really heavy pain in my shoulders and am very excited to share this therapy with my friends and family. It’s a great app which is easy to follow and use.

I also love that you stay in touch with extra notes and information. The video with the baby listening/responding to the Om chanting is golden. 

Thanks again for this wonderful healing tool. 


Cynthia, Montana, USA

Not only is customer service awesome with Natural Synergy, but their program is absolutely the BEST!  When you receive natural balance for your body, have it be noninvasive and inexpensive you have a winning formula and Natural Synergy has that formula! The format is easy to follow, and the in-depth content is phenomenal! 

I have purchased and used similar programs, but this one is my favorite by far.  You can’t go wrong when you purchase their program!


Lynette, Australia

I can’t believe the amount of information that was immediately available once my purchase was completed. It is so comprehensive but so easy to read and the information is invaluable. I can see Natural Synergy to be such a blessing to myself and my family. It has a beautiful energy surrounding it. Even though I have only just purchased it, I have already used it to rid myself of a headache. Yay. I know if I have any questions I can confidently contact you and know i will receive and answer. I know the support is there and it is so encouraging to feel this.

I love it and can’t thank you enough for this system to be shared with the world.


Astrid, Holland

When I was presented Natural Synergy in December 2018, I just had started cancer treatment. As I ordered it, I was driven by interest and curiosity about it. I was in lack of energy, and also struggled with sleeping through the nights. I was “taken down” in chemotherapy, at the same time as I was coping with a special family situation after a family member earlier had a serious injury after a traffic accident, and had to stay in bed for months.

 As I had a lot of stress, and often negatively loaded thoughts and worries, I started testing Natural Synergy. I started listening to the different sound tracks, and found myself more peaceful and relaxed, and got paused from worry-thoughts for some time. Like the sounds from nature, allowing me to be mindful just listening. Like also the beats calming down or set joy into feeling. For a long period I have used the delta brainwave-track going into sleep. And my sleep comes more easy. As I now try to recover and gain some more energy, I’ll explore more of the content in the program.

I also appreciate very much the long music meditations, lasting for about one hour, that Emily sent me during my most difficult times, helping me overcome my obstacles in a better way.


Dr. Martin Siu, DNM, DHS, IMD, PhD

Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Humanitarian Services

Doctor of Integrative Medicine. Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Qigong Medicine

I used the Natural Synergy protocol on my patient for eczema twice weekly for 3 weeks together with a change of diet. Result was excellent. Patient recovered fully.

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